San Juan Puerto Rico Real Estate

If you're looking for a real estate expert who can guide you as you buy, sell or rent a San Juan house or condo, you've come to the right place. Having been born and raised in San Juan  I can give you insider advice and help you relocate to Puerto Rico and settle down to make the most of the distinguished San Juan lifestyle.

San Juan is a vibrant city where old meets new and where a modern, cosmopolitan lifestyle is deeply interwoven with the colorful strands of Caribbean Old World charm.


Hello, my name is Lynn Rodgers

What started out as  personal investments in San Juan houses soon led me to become a licensed real estate broker,  I was encouraged to use my knowledge and experience to benefit other buyers and sellers. I have spent many years helping countless clients buy, sell, rent and move into all kinds of San Juan condos and houses and I look forward to helping you make your very own dreams come true.

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I'll help you find the right San Juan property or even sell your own

Please take a look at the properties in my real estate portfolio, I have a wide range of San Juan condos and homes for sale and rent, or get in touch to list your San Juan home for sale.

As a skilled negotiator with experience in a variety of business situations, I have the experience necessary to help buyers and sellers reach the best deal possible for both parties. No matter your needs or your budget, I am fully committed to guiding you  to ensure the success of your San Juan real estate venture.


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